• devinruskin

Surprise! My Husband Got Me A Peloton Bike For Christmas

This sure is the best Christmas ever! My husband of one year got me the greatest gift: A Peloton bike. This is exactly what I wanted…………….

He also got me a size small sports bra and matching athleisure , knowing very well that I’m a size large. But, come on, that’s so cute! A matching workout outfit for my new Peloton bike, that I have to ride now. Everyday. Apparently from 6:00 am to 8:00 am.

I just did my first ride and I was a bit nervous to start because well, my husband was watching me to see if I went on it in the first place. But I did! I had a great time. Sure, the clothing kept me from breathing comfortably and the seat went up my crotch weirdly, but I love exercise and my husband. Especially when he makes sure I do it daily.

It’s now been five days, waking up at 6am bright and early while my husband sleeps until 11am. Did I mention? He works at home. He’s trying to develop a new app. He’s so creative. As for me, my job is my new Peloton bike! Gotta love it.

Looking back, this really has been a great year. I got what I always wanted. A Peloton bike and tiny Fabletics. Maybe next year he’ll get me an even better present like a waist trainer!


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