*clears throat* h-hey…..Clairo :)

by Patrick Gray '20, April 16th, 2019






*Approaches nervously* hey *twiddling thumbs*, Clairo, I uhhh, I saw you at the show last night. Yeah haha *scratching head* you were awesome. I’m a little shy *uwu* so I didn’t say anything. But it’s really dope when a girl can play like that haha. *Giggles bashfully* So what’re you up to?? I think we could really vibe idk ^_^. You could come over to my place :). Only if you wanted to tho haha *looks down at ground*. I have unlimited wifi tho….we could probably watch anything. Yeah *straightens posture* I have Verizon. I didn’t feel like I had the network I deserved til I switched y’know? *reaches into navy blue Herschel backpack* I brought this for you :) *pulls out brand new Verizon Fios router*. Verizon’s just different than those other cable companies. Largest 4G LTE network in America. I'm so down to install this for you right now if that’s chill. *Walks over to television* Nielsen totally ranked Verizon #1 in streaming too. *Plugging in router to wall* Those guys really know what they’re talking about. *Setting up wifi* Hey I’m making your wifi password my phone number just so you can remember it easier *awkwardly smirks*. *Turns TV on and goes to Netflix* Have you seen this, The Workaholics? It’s fucking insane. Oh, what? *blushes* Oh cool cool. You really don’t need a new service provider, huh? No yeah, I understand. *becomes an active shooter*.

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